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Help me.

Little Lost Doll, part four

Posted on 2006.09.03 at 18:40
LOCATION: a vivid flashback of my past
SOUNDS: Pink Floyd - "Dark Side of the Moon"
Over six months ago...

Maybe glowered over the mutilated body, driving a sharp scraping tool one last time deep into the large, empty hole in its small torso. As a sound of metal scraping bone resonated through the reasonably lit room, it was accompanied suddenly by a crunch sound, the sound of a chunk of the tool's target giving under the force and cracking apart. Maybe shot his wretched face into the air, and spreading his torn lips wide, exposing a large portion of his skinless, ripped jaws and unnaturally sharp teeth, let out the loud, crazed cackle of a madman. The lights from the many candles within the sanctum of the tower danced a sickening glow across the uneven scars in the rotten flesh on his face, accentuating the deep crevaces in dark shadow.

Suddenly, and without any warning sound from outside (none that could be heard over the laughter and machinery sounds), the door to the chamber crashed in, collapsing onto itself as it shattered, and from the doorway a young man with pale skin and wild black hair stood, his glowing, undead eyes fixed on the back of Maybe's head.

"Maybe!" he cried out angrily.

"Perhaps," the other growled in a low, deep voice that was somewhat distorted by the shape of the lips it came from. Maybe turned to face the intruder, a wild grin plastered on his disgusting face, his deep, black eye sockets staring directly at the young man in a very unsettling way.

"Where is she, you bastard?!" the young-looking undead barked viciously, "where is my sister?! Where is Brennen?! What have you done with her..." The last words came in a low, threatening tone, and the effect was magnified by the extension of a rather large hunting knife in the direction of Maybe's throat.

"Why, hello Zerreissen," Maybe casually responded, a tone of patronism unmistakable. "Brennen's told me so much about you... well, she didn't so much tell me as I took the memories from her against her will."

"What did you DO TO HER?!" Zerreissen demanded in a loud, straining voice, and began advancing on Maybe and the table on which he was working.

Maybe's grin somehow managed to appear far more wicked than before, as he stepped to the side of the table, held a welcoming hand over it, and replied, "See for yourself."

Zerreissen was almost upon Maybe when he stopped, eyes and mouth widening in unspeakable horror.

On the table was the barely recognizable naked body of a human... or rather an undead. It was a woman, or young girl due to size; it couldn't be told by the genitals, because that entire area had been cut open and removed. The breasts which were cut open in a cross shape and laid bare were the indication. The body itself was riddled with torturous gashes and scars, many shallow and overlapping, and many still deep into the flesh. The body was strapped to the table at the wrists, ankles and neck. Some fingers and toes were missing or twisted badly. The hair on her head had been ripped out in handfuls, leaving patchs of bloody scalp. The body was a monstrous sight, with exposed bone, muscle and sinew, and dripping with the dark, thick blood of an undead.

The torso had been cut wide open, the skin and muscle strips laid aside, and several ribs also removed, cleaned, and laid on a side table, along with... organs. The torso itself was mostly empty, with ribbons and lanes of bloody veins and and nerves and other connected tissue trailing from deep inside the torso to various organs laid out on multiple side tables. Many were still connected, and some of the organs had been individually dissected, or simply smashed into a sloppy mess. What was left inside the bodily cavity was fully exposed, and wet with gore from being dug around. The intestines, still trailing into the body, had been cranked onto small, spiked reels.

The eyes behind the bloody mess of a face on that table suddenly flickered, and with noticable effort, the girl's head inclined slightly, to look straight into Zerreissen's own eyes. Her's was a look of pleading, and incredible pain. Rivulets of tears trailed down from her eyes, creating trails across the blood on her face. She attempted to open her mouth to say something, but no audible sound came out. Her jaw may have been broken, but it was also apparent that the girl had no tongue.

"...B...Brennen..." Zerreissen managed in a voice just above a whisper. He looked upon her mangled, tortured body in utter disbelief. It couldn't possibly be real... but it was. It couldn't be happening, but it was. Why would anyone do this, especially to her, his twin sister. His sins were not hers, and not even would have deserved this...

His sister laid torn apart before him. And she was still alive, still suffering all of this, all this time.

"Brennen... Oh... Brennen, I'm so sorry..."

And there was nothing he could do to help her. He was too late. Too late to save her life.

"Why..." Zerreissen breathed, grip tightening around the handles of his blades, "Why her? WHY MY SISTER?!" Without waiting for a reply Zerreissen, with a tormented cry, turned and sliced his knife deep across Maybe's twisted face. He followed through with a deep stab with his other dagger up into Maybe's chest, a stain of black, oily blood appearing on Maybe's stained robes. Bearing his teeth and snarling, Zerreissen retracted the knife and stabbed again, harder and deeper, determined to tear Maybe's black heart from his wretched chest.

"Why, why, why, WHY?!" Zerreissen yelled as he repeatedly stabbed and sliced into Maybe's chest, pushing him back until he was between Zerreissen and the stone wall of the chamber. Finally, Zerreissen broke through, his blade, hilt, hand and wrist ascending into Maybe's ribcage. Zerreissen looked up at Maybe, disgusted to find that same stupid, crazed grin on his mottled face.

"Why? Merely convenience," Maybe spoke as if nothing Zerreissen had done had phased him. "But I must admit," he continued, "the innocent ones are far more fun to torment."

"You son of a-" Zerreissen began, but paused, as he attempted to pull his hand out of Maybe's chest to stab again. It was stuck.

Suddenly, beneath the torn and stained cloth of Maybe's robe, the pale white skin around the hole began to shudder. And then the hole Zerreissen had made closed around his arm.

And severed it clean.

"AAGH!" Zerreissen screamed as he stepped back, dark blood splurting from his arm. He tried to clutch it while holding his other dagger. Maybe, the slash across his face also disappearing, advanced on him.

"Did you really think you could contend with the powers of pure darkness?" Maybe snarled, and grabbed Zerreissen's skull, bashing it into the opposite wall and holding him there. "Did you believe you could kill an immortal? To stand up to the powers of a god? You should have stayed away, but your pathetic and hopeless feelings for another have condemed you! You're a fool, boy, and now you too shall suffer and die! But you won't suffer like your sister, no. You will not be able to pay back your failure to protect her." He paused, letting Zerreissen struggle under his inhumanly strong grip and stab uselessly into Maybe's side with his other knife. Maybe leaned in a whispered into his ear, "Did you know that I raped her? Repeatedly, in fact, everywhere I could, with whatever I could. And I did it while I cut her open slowly-"

"AARRRGH!" Zerreissen cried angrily and flailed wildly as Maybe dragged him further up the wall, hanging him by his head.

Above the yelling, Maybe cackled wickedly, and said in a loud voice, "Here, let me show you how!" He then grabbed the knife from Zerreissen's hand, ripping his palm open as he did so with the sharp, bony tips of his fingers.

And then he violently slashed and gouged and tore open Zerreissen's stomach as he hung screaming and flailing on the wall. Maybe carved him out like a pumpkin, and when the boy finally stopped moving and went silent, he tossed him aside like a rag doll.

All the while Brennen watched, eyes dark and heavy, as the person she loved more than anyone in the world was murdered before her eyes. The despair, the overwhelming misery and sadness... it was almost enough to drown out the numbing pain throughout her broken body. She would have been crying, had she any tears left. She hardly had enough fluid left inside her to bleed. What was more overwhelming was her guilt, knowing that Zerreissen would not have even come here, and met this fate, if it weren't for her.

Maybe took Zerreissen's large knife, covered in gore as were his robes and face, and set it on a side table. He turned to Brennen, frowning.

"Oh, you're still alive," he said casually, and then grinned widely again, a glint in his eyes. "You got to watch."

Maybe flicked a bit of gore at Brennen's face, and she dropped her pounding head back onto the table, wide eyes twitching, a barely audible whimpering coming from within her dry throat. Maybe picked up his sharp scraping tool again, and looking back at Zerreissen's body lying in the corner of the chamber, appeared to ponder something for several moments.

Suddenly, his grinning face emerged into Brennen's field of vision, and as he stood over her, a new, sinister look of contemplation washed over his face as he stared down into her dimly glowing eyes with his nonexistent ones.

"I have an idea," were the words he said at last, and as he lifted his arm and plunged the sharp tool in his hand through Brennen's forehead, they were the last words Brennen would ever hear.

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