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Help me.

Little Lost Doll, part five

Posted on 2006.09.04 at 23:44
LOCATION: Maybe's laboratory
CONDITION: unpleasant
SOUNDS: Pink Floyd - "Eclipse"
Brennen stumbled backwards, nearly falling over until her back hit the doorway to the room. The visions in her tear-flooded eyes were refocusing to the present, but those memories of torment remained, fresher in her mind than they should have been for so long ago, and she started to gag, vomitting bile and water, the contents of an empty stomach.

She collapsed in the doorway, sobbing, trying to control herself despite overwhelming emotions. The sensations were so real... As she read that journal, she could remember everything that had happened all those months ago. It had all happened, but it didn't make sense.

How was she still alive, after all of that?

She put her hand over her eyes, wiping away the blurring tears, and looked down at her chest through her half-open blouse. No scars. Nothing. She looked at her hands, her arms. Nothing. No marks at all.

As a matter of fact, for the first time ever, she noticed that she had perfect skin. Pale white, but flawless. This couldn't be possible... she'd gotten scraped up enough while on her own to have to have some scars, but she couldn't find anything.

"I don't believe you finished reading."

The man in the robes appeared before her, looking down at her on the floor. He pursed his lips and raised his eyebrows in an expectant manner.

"I don't want to read anymore," Brennen responded in a soft voice, her anger rising.

"But if you don't finish reading, you'll never figure out how you survived that night," the man replied, tilting his head and giving Brennen a half-smile. "Your memory jumps straight from then to when you are escaping from this place. Don't you want to know why?"

Brennen sat there for a moment, breathing hard, contemplating everything that was happening and trying to clear the fog in her head. She picked up the book and turned it to the next page.

And the next page, and the next one.

"No..." Brennen closed the book, and set it aside. "That isn't true. It can't be true."

"Is it more difficult to believe than an undeath-inducing plague?" the man standing before her said in a somewhat comforting tone. He then turned and started walking around the room slowly. "It's an incredibly intriguing new science: creating life, real life, through a combination of magic and alchemy. It's not like controlled breeding and mutation, no..." He stopped and turned, and looked back toward Brennen, an unsettling glint in his eyes, that same half-smile appearing almost vitriolic. "All you need are the raw ingredients, and a soul."

Brennen stood up. "You did..." she began, still trying to comprehend the atrocity of what she had read, and how she could really be... the result of that depraved ritual.

"Remains can be used as well, provided there are enough to make a whole being," the man continued. "The result, regardless of how it looks, is a combination of those other parts. You can even mix animal and human remains into a single, functional being almost effortlessly, provided certain conditions are met. In your case, I kept it simple."

"I can't be... I can't be made of--"

"You are," he interrupted. "You are mostly Brennen, the girl I killed. You're also something completely unique. There wasn't even enough of your soul left in this world to make you whole. I managed to fuse some of your brother's soul to yours to complete it, just like I did your body." The man gave Brennen a wicked smile, and there was no longer any mistaking that it was Maybe behind that deceptive human face.

"No! It's not true! I know who I am!"

"Do you? Then why are you having such a hard time remembering just that?"

"You bastard!" Brennen came at Maybe, slipping two fresh daggers out from under her sleeves. She took a swipe at Maybe, who effortlessly slapped the dagger from her hand. She came around with the other blade, but Maybe slapped his hand around her tiny wrist and lifted her off the ground.

He then drove his hand up into her chest.

Brennen screamed, but the sound was cut short as she felt a choking grip on her heart. She couldn't moved, her whole body feeling numb and heavy, and her vision began to tunnel. The pain in her chest was overwhelming.

"Allow me to show you exactly what you are made of." Maybe pulled on Brennen's heart, a choked yelp escaping her wide open mouth as her limbs twisted in agony. His hand creeped out from inside her, a tight grip on her dripping red core, arteries, veins and tissue straining to stay attached.

But connected to all those blood vessels, clutched in Maybe's grasp was not a heart at all. It wasn't organic at all. It was a large, red stone.

"See this?" Maybe asked as she brought the stone up to Brennen's view. "This is an Alchemic Stone. It keeps you alive. It keeps you... perfect. As long as this is inside you, you cannot die." He pulled the stone closer, and a dim, radiating glow could be seen from within the webbing of veins and tissue which seemed to grow right out of the stone itself. "When a being is made this way, unnaturally with magic and chemical process, it is called a homunculus. That is what you are."

Brennen struggled weakly against Maybe, but hardly had the strength. He continued, "you wanted the truth about your past? Here it is. You have no past. You are a living doll. A fake being. A mythical creature that came from death but is fully alive. Your very existence is a profanity. The most immoral taboo." A wicked grin split Maybe's face, and his eyes narrowed, fixed on Brennen's weak gaze. He smirked. "Aren't you glad you remember now?"

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