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Origins ((April 2006))

Posted on 2007.09.05 at 10:54
Forsaken, But Not Forgotten

About a day after the utter destruction of Maybe's body at the jaws of Aquenda, a Deathguard standing guard near Deathknell noticed a pale girl wandering around naked in the forest. She was dazed and frightened, and appeared to be lost. The Deathguard approached the girl, who was startled by him and tried to run. He grabbed her and tried to talk to her, but she was either mute or didn't know how to talk, because she didn't make any sounds that sounded like words to him.

She was taken reluctantly to Deathknell where a local innkeeper took her in and fed her, gave her clothing and let her rest in an upstairs bedroom. People around town regarded her has a curiosity, wondering where she came from, why she couldn't speak, who she may have been in life, and whether she was a Scourge agent. Nobody bothered to give her a name; the Forsaken have better things to do than tend to some child.

Eventually, the innkeeper got the same idea. The girl, after she had warmed up to the relatively unfriendly people in Deathknell, was sent off to do chores for the innkeeper, to earn her keep. The girl cheerfully went about her business, picking up a few words of Gutterspeak along the way. A few people tried to question her about her past, but she simply smiled at them and giggled, which frustrated people enough to make them leave her alone. After a few days the innkeeper, who also had gotten tired of the chipper little girl, sent her off to Brill to earn a living in the tavern there. He spoke to the innkeeper there, supposedly a friend of his, who was more than happy to have the extra help, especially since Brill had become a more active locale in the prior weeks.


Brill was quite a lot more active and lively than Deathknell was. People were yelling and fighting in the streets, and loud arguments went on inside the tavern. Stepping into Gallow's End, the girl became frightened by the commotion. strange people glared at her, and a few people yelled at her in words she didn't understand. Wimpering, the girl sat down in the nearest chair and put her knees to her chest protectively. A woman with bandages on her eyes looked around angrily, shuffled her feet, and then stomped upstairs. A huge, hairy man with horns came over to her and started talking at her in a funny language. When a tall, blue man with large fangs came over and grabbed her shoulder, she recoiled. The innkeeper had given her a weapon, a small dagger, and briefly showed her how to use it. As she reached for the small weapon, the tall, blue man frowned, said something strange, and walked away.

After a few days of sweeping up, moving cookware, stacking chairs and hunting for meat, the little girl had already gotten used to Brill. The innkeeper was nice to her, and taught her a little Gutterspeak when she had the time. The girl became a permanent fixture in the Gallow's End Tavern, cheerfully skipping around laughing and smiling when she wasn't busy. She didn't fit in with the usual gloom and discord around the city, but nobody seemed to mind her.

Dancing in the Rain

The little girl finished arranging pots and pans on the storage room shelf, when the innkeeper yelled in Gutterspeak, "it's raining!" The girl knew from what the innkeeper had shown her that "rain" was like "water" in the "air". She ran outside and was awestruck to see water falling from the sky all over the buildings, the trees, the people and the countryside. The girl smiled and looked up into the sky, blinking as raindrops hit her eyes. She laughed aloud and held her hands out, letting the rain make her totally soaked. She giggled and splashed around in puddles with her bare feet, and danced happily in the rain. Many people looked at her in disgust or pity, thinking that she was either an idiot or had no brain. The girl didn't understand them; all she did was say "rain!" in Gutterspeak and motion for them to join her in having fun. Most of them just walked away grumpily. The little girl didn't know why they would want to miss such fun, but she didn't care. This was the most fun she had ever had, as far as she could remember.

Vaien Meets the Essentric Young Girl

Vaien and Mithis were hanging around Brill that evening that it rained. Occasionally Tefair would pop outside, but she was otherwise not present. Vaien and Mithis mused about the situations that had befallen them over the past few weeks while enjoying the cool, gloomy weather. It was then that they noticed the young undead girl dancing childishly in the rain.

Mithis, uncommonly disgusted by undead in general, simply frowned and shook his head at her, regarding the sight as pitiful. Vaien's disgust for her ran deeper, for he knew she was a Forsaken, and he'd love nothing more than to eradicate her and her kind.

Her persistant, annoyingly cheerful attitude did not make Vaien like her any better.

Vaien observed the girl for awhile, finally deciding that she must have been a child, and not mentally deranged. He made an offhand remark to her about perhaps having the opportunity to kill her one day. Many people on the city streets heard this, and expressed some outrage at Vaien, who was a wanted criminal against the Forsaken. However, the little girl he spoke to stared at him inquisitively, before smiling wide at Vaien and giggling.

It was obvious that she didn't understand him, or was deaf.

Afraid that he had overstayed his welcome, Vaien, decided to head off to the zeppelin tower, and board the next flight to Kalimdor. He turned to the little girl, who smiled cheerfully at him, and said, "goodbye, as if you can understand me", and waved at her. He turned and began walking away.


Vaien stopped and turned around, surprised.

"So you can speak after all."

The little girl grinned wide at Vaien, who shrugged and, looking up at the dark sky as it began to rain harder, decided it safer to stick around a little longer until the weather was calm. He reluctantly went back into the inn.


Vaien sat in his usual spot in front of the fireplace, gazing long and quietly into the fire, contemplating. He concentration was abruptly ended by the young girl who plopped down right next to him, completely soaking wet, and held out her hands, drying her clothes with the fire's warmth. Vaien blinked at the girl briefly, before frowning. He would have preferred to be alone...

After a short, one-sided exchange, Vaien wondered if the young girl had a name. He pointed to himself and said plainly, "Vaien". The little girl cocked her head, pointed at Vaien and mimicked, "Vai-yen".



Vaien nodded appovingly at her. The little girl grinned at him. After a few moments, Vaien pointed at the girl in the same way, and made sure to cock his head slightly, so as to signal to her that it was an inquiry. The little girl thought for a few moments, looked as if she understood, but then frowned and shook her head, shrugging her shoulders slightly.

"Hmm... No name."

Vaien thought this over for a moment. Would it be right to give this strange girl he had never met before a name?

Actually, he felt like he had met her before, or at least heard about her, he thought. He turned to the fireplace and looked into the fire. There was something familiar...

He recalled the night that Zerreissen ran of into the forest, yelling for someone named "Brennen".

"Hm, Brennen", he thought aloud, trying to remember the word. It was Nerubian, from the sound, a language he was familiar with. And ironically, as he looked into the burning fire, he remembered that "brennen" was the Nerubian word for "burn".

"But would it be right to give a name to some girl I only just met?" Vaien whispered to himself, still staring into the flames. He shrugged slightly, as if to answer his own question.

Vaien jerks his finger suddenly and intentionally in Brennen's direction. "Brennen", he said flatly, jabbing his index finger at her, hoping she would understand the meaning of the gesture.

The little girl pouted her lips and cocked her head at Vaien like a puppy might have. She sat for a moment, staring into his eyes in a way that made him feel mildly uncomfortable. Finally, she raised her own finger, placed it on her chest and repeated, "Bre-nnen?"

Vaien nodded, and pointed at her again, reiterating, "Brennen."

Brennen looked down for a moment, as if processing the new information. She looked back up at Vaien and giggled excitedly. With a big grin on her face she shouted happily, "Brennen! Brennen!"

"That's right", Vaien said calmly, and smirked a bit. She was so excited about something as trivial as a name...

Vaien had never in his life met a Forsaken like her. Forsaken were either concerned with their own deaths, or the deaths of others. But somehow she was different...

She was very different.

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