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Something to feel.

The End of Brennen Rivers ((January 2007))

Posted on 2007.09.05 at 10:41
LOCATION: Darrowmere Lake
CONDITION: resolved
SOUNDS: Matthew Good Band - "Weapon"

Leave this weapon, Little Flame, for it will destroy you as well. Come, and we shall crush the head of the Snake ourselves. Brennen recalled C'thun's words to her before her thoughts and will ceased being her own. Anger and sorrow gripped her heart, as the momentary reflection gave her an opportunity to see the truth in Maybe's words. She was a created being, a puppet. By design she would always be a puppet, because she would never be able to resist the influence of another mind in her own. She would always be a slave to some malevolent force, and she would always be called upon to hurt people.

...for it will destroy you as well.

Unless she ended it once and for all.

There, about 15 meters southwest of where she crouched on the lake's shore, was the weapon. It was inside a dark, nondescript case, the bottom facing her and covered with debris from where she had dropped it. She could only hope the device hadn't been damaged as she made a run for it across the open beach. She ignored the ominous silence and did not bother looking behind her, all her focus set on reaching the device and activating it before Maybe ended her life. She dove into the gravel, tumbled, and landed on her hands and knees directly over the case. She grabbed the case with both hands--

And was swept up into the air.

For the first few moments Brennen was suspended ponderously above the shore, clutching the case to her chest, her stomach seeming to sink in confusion and shock. Then he swung into view, or rather she was swung toward the ground, bringing him into view. Maybe, looking up at her from the shore below, his fingertips extended up and out toward her branching into long, thin tentacles. She could feel the constriction now, around her neck, shoulders, legs, as the deceptively strong tentacles held her tightly, helplessly above the murderous sorcerer.

"I'll tear you apart sl--" Maybe began, before catching sight of the case in her arms. "What is that you've got there?" He asked curiously.

"Your ticket to hell. Don't come back this time." Brennen hit the case release, and the top fell from the case to reveal a large explosive crammed carefully inside. The label, which Brennen did not bother to remove for one reason or another, clearly stated her intent.

ARCANE BOMB: turn key to arm.

Maybe's glowing eyes went wide, his withered face noticably tightening. "It will kill you too, Little Flame," he managed.

"Which means," Brennen said, grinning, "It will most definitely kill you."

Maybe's face depressed into a furious sneer in realization that he had betrayed himself. Even as the tentacles from his fingertips reared back and ripped across Brennen's body in an attempt to throw her out into the lake, and the giant eye in his chest glared menacingly at the girl and began to eminate light and heat, it was too late. Brennen had turned the key, armed the bomb, and sealed both of their fates.

To suddenly have the mana wrenched from one's body is an excruciatingly unpleasant experience. In Brennen's case, it meant that the last lingering presence of C'thun's magic inside her was ripped from her mind so quickly as to leave a dull void within her thoughts. In her sudden daze the bright, searing white light and weighlessness of being thrown through the air did not immediately register. By the time it did, Brennen was but moments from experiencing the other effect that made an Arcane Bomb so cruelly traumatic. As the raw magic condensed into the epicenter of the midair blast, the landscape was once again visible, though it was blurred and distorted beyond recognition. Then, just as quickly as it had formed, the single point of pure light in Brennen's vision exploded into a formless mass of blazing destructive energy.

In mere moments, that destructive energy that was once stored inside her would scorch across her body and tear her apart. It made for the perfect moral to her story, and a fitting end to her and Maybe both.

Perhaps now she would be able to forgive herself. Perhaps now there would be peace.

As the blinding light consumed her vision, Brennen's eyes snapped shut.

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