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In the real world, there are no happy endings.

Brennen, a.k.a. Brennen Rivers
Gender: Female

Age: Between 15 and 20

Status: Single

Title: Pretty Little Hate Machine

Brennen seems like a quiet girl, but never hesitates to express her unique, often perplexing observations of most anything. She is viewed by every member of The Haven as a very strange girl, and a few see her as a potential danger, both physically and mentally.

Brennen shows signs of limited or latent telepathic abilities, and seems to possess some degree of retrocognition. On occasion, Brennen appears to possess a deeper understanding of present events, and how they will affect the future. She is strangely intuitive, but even stranger is her uncanny knack for alchemy. Rarely is Brennen involved in combat, though she carries concealed weapons at all times. Though she is small and looks frail and weak, her demeanor often indicates that she may be more dangerous than she appears.

Brennen's attitude is rarely joyous. Often brooding or musing, her stern, cold features belie a certain inner pain. She often awakes from terrible nightmares, sees haunting visions and hears voices, and reacts strongly and unpredictably to scenes of torture.

Brennen has little memory of her past, if any. Learning the truth about her past, and the strange visions she has is what now drives her, and perhaps, the only goal she chooses to continue living for...